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About Us

Azera is working on a Rapid Assessment and Surgical Program (RAASP) to help patients in Alberta access the highest quality surgical care as rapidly as possible.


Alberta offers independent surgical facilities to facilitate this. This program will work within the publicly funded system, so that patients continue to have surgery at no cost.



However, there are multiple advantages:

Meaningful reduction of time from original referral until provision of surgery to only 10 weeks.


Significantly reducing overall cost for each procedure by offering a single comprehensive price which includes new approaches to managing all resources.

Savings will be passed on directly to Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Increasing number of surgeries available within Alberta.

High-quality outcomes with extensive independent auditing to validate these.

The approach is scalable to allow a rapid increase in the number of surgeries across Alberta offering these advantages.


The approach also allows costs to be directly linked to outcomes, and not simply activity.


Additional focus on research innovation and education.


No reduction in the availability of existing medical and surgical staff to their current AHS commitments.


ER time can also be reduced significantly by also integrating a full-time out-of-hours plaster room capability.


Opportunity for new  high quality jobs.



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